Single-Sided Hearing Loss

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Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Solutions for people with hearing loss in mainly one ear.

Single Sided Hearing Loss

Product Features

We typically recommend either a CROS or a BiCROS system. A CROS system consists of a single microphone and single receiver contained in two individual devices (one for each ear). The ear with little-to-no functional hearing is fit with the microphone-equipped device, and the ear with normal hearing is fit with the receiver-equipped device. Sound arriving at the ear with hearing loss will then transmit through a wireless connection to the receiver-equipped device on the normal-hearing ear — to help you hear sounds regardless of which side they’re coming from.

A BiCROS system consists of a microphone-equipped device that is fit to the poorer-hearing ear and a conventional hearing aid fit to the better-hearing ear that has some hearing loss.

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic service, helpful and knowledgeable. Planning on purchasing a hearing aid and recommending Mr Freedman to all my friends and family.

R. Howard, on Google

Richard Dampier, on Google

Very friendly and fast

Georgia Delgado, on Google

Excellent experience. I had a small something stuck in my ear , I'm a mechanic , that I got working under a truck. They had the right equipment and I was able to hear again . I thanked the doctor and staff for their professional help. Highly recommend.

Esteban rivera, on Google

Very friendly, convenient to home, good care.

Ann Rockey, on Google

The hearing aids have helped me greatly. I'm no longer missing phone calls and can hear everything clearly.

Lora M, on Google

Randy Treece, on Google

Humberto Richardi, on Google

Very nice friendly people

Henry Cerda, on Google

I learned more in the hour I was there about my tinnitus and how to help me with it.

Bea Kudlacek, on Google

Helpful people. Would recommend 5/5.

noe padilla, on Google

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