They are efficient and give great service. Jarred Freeland is easy to work with and explains procedures. He took a minute to help me get hearing aids back to normal and working better.
Joyce Davis, on Google
I visited and talk to Jarrod for a bit today. I was so impressed with him that I am looking in coming back from Michigan next year to order my next generation of hearing aids. I have been using hearing aids for over 35 year now and learned so much that no one else took the time to teach me. Great experience!!
Mike Fase, on Google
The doctor was professional, polite, informative, and kind 💜 I had a ringing in my right ear and when the doctor was through cleaning my built up ear wax, I felt relieved; the ringing diminished, my uneasiness was lightened, and I actually could hear the doctor and office manager much clearer. Kudos to the removal of built up ear wax, and exceptional care 👍🙌🙏
Derie Walwyn, on Google
You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and it feels like you already know them. That's exactly how I felt. It would be so great if every health provider left you feeling this way. Loved the receptionist. Loved the Dr. They weren't so busy that there wasn't a little time to chat. This is my place for hearing care. Don't forget that you should have hearing care once a year. They can diagnose an issue you don't know is occurring. By the time you show symptoms some of damage could be irreversible. I'm sure you will love this clinic as much as I do!
GRACE BUSH, on Google
Took my 88yr young mom in to “New Sound” hearing center today and was met by a smiling and most patient “Elizebeth” then after we met with Dr. Freeland who was equally as patient and kind with her. The doctor shared much information both clinically as well as in layman’s terms. He took time to both speak and listen. I highly recommend this “hearing center.”
DeVona Comley, on Google

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